• African Safari Tour

    Find out what going on safari is really like as you drive into the bush in special 4×4 vehicles to watch animals going about their daily activities in their natural habitat.

  • Bostwana Safari and Wild Life Holiday

    zebras and antelopes is nearly impossible to describe. As thousands of ungulates nervously trundle across the red sand and ford the crocodile-infested Mara River, the sound of hooves is almost overpowering.

  • Wild Africa

    If you’re like us, you will only have a week or two to get the most out of a vacation.

  • Kenya Safari

    Enjoy kenya Safari tours and travel with Martina Johnson travels and tours

Explore The Safari

Martina johnson travels and tours has over 28 years of experience in offering safari holidays to Africa’s great gamelands and we certainly know how to provide the ultimate wildlife holidays. For now there is no better continent than Africa for the wildlife enthusiast. From primates to predators, from the spectacle of the wildebeest immigration to the miracle of the Okavango ecosystem, the Mother Continent always delivers wildlife in abundance, dramatic landscapes and the best wilderness experience.


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Botswana radiates scale and authenticity, its vast, untamed lands offering a dreamt-up version of old world Africa. Road signs warn of crossing elephants, rhinos maraud across isolated airstrips, and cacophonous hippo-honks accompany every night spent sleeping near water.


Kenya’s rich wildlife and immense landscapes are, quite simply, iconic.


Namibia feels like a lost world, an endless expanse of phantasmagorical landscapes that have never lost their primitive majesty.


A Jewel of Africa Safaris tour is more than just an adventure.  It is a unique opportunity to experiene Southern Africa’s nature and cultures.


Africa’s highest mountain, its largest game reserve, its biggest volcanic caldera, its oldest human settlement towering above all other safari experiences.