For travelers, Africa has it all: iconic wildlife, epic landscapes, ancient wonders, and an incredible variety of cultures that have intrigued intrepid adventurers for centuries! However, this vast and beautiful continent also has it’s sweet side, and it’s a perfect place for couples  looking to experience the ultimate romantic holiday.


Enjoy the romance of a wonderful island holiday, without the inconvenience of actually being deserted. This selection of romantic Mozambique Island Vacation Resorts has everything that escaping lovers could wish for in a romantic getaway.


The golden dunes and unparalleled night skies of the Tunisian desert also make for a surprisingly weekend getaway “Gateway to the Sahara,” is also a popular launching point for excursions to the Jebil National Park as well as off-roading trips to the Sahara.


Couples looking for a more adventurous getaway would do good to consider a multi-day route through Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park. Beyond the wildlife and unique local culture, couples can also reserve stays at some of the more luxurious bush camps and spend their evenings watching the sun sets over the countryside


There’s everything that starry-eyed lovers could dream of, from long empty stretches of beach to blankets of green forest providing the dreamiest of views. Lovebirds and couples’ retreats flock to the island nation of Mauritius, dotted in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa.


The Seychelles offer the lush vegetation and exotic beaches of any tropical archipelago, but really takes things to another level on Praslin Island; Praslin is a lesser-populated island that’s home to incredible and virtually untouched beaches. It is called the “African Garden of Eden”.


Couples visiting Tanzania will discover a country that’s slightly off the beaten track, yet still able to offer its guests thrilling safaris with luxurious accommodation in extraordinary places. Nature treks in the jungle, and dinner under the stars are just a few of the experiences you’ll keep in your hearts forever.

South Africa

Rather than Tuscany or Napa, why not opt for the rugged mountains and rolling vineyards of South Africa’s Cape Winelands for your romantic holiday?


You might be a couple of night owls, with plenty of energy for dancing and excitement, or you might be looking for a calm and romantic journey that takes you to ancient temples and tombs. If one of you is a cultural enthusiast and the other loves to soak up the sun, this is the perfect holiday for you.