Following a wedding, there are few places on the planet more idyllic, intimate and luxuriously restorative than the Cyclades Islands in Greece. Here, alluring whitewashed facades of sloping seaside villages contrast the effervescent sea and sky. Winding cobblestone paths lead down to serene sun-kissed beaches that are interrupted only by dramatic cliffs and gentle waves. Lose yourself in the land of the gods and goddesses, as you wander from ruin to taverna in pursuit of pure and utter bliss. Begin your new marriage with hearts full of love, after ten impossibly romantic nights in Greece.


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WHY GO: This small volcanic island is known for its seriously gorgeous sunsets and pristine whitewashed villas.

WHERE TO STAY: Reserve the Chromata hotel’s (from $465, Perivolas Suite—its cliffside terrace provides an Instagram-worthy view of the Aegean Sea.

WHAT TO DO: Even couples who get antsy after an hour of beach time will find lots to explore. Take a scooter to the red- and black-sand beaches, check out ancient sites—like the newly reopened Bronze Age settlement of Akrotíri (oftentimes called “Minoan Pompeii”)—visit wineries, go hiking and stop in the many boutiques.


Day 1: Welcome to Athens, Greece

Romance begins as your plane descends over the city of Athens. After clearing customs and collecting your baggage, you will step into luxury as you meet your private driver. Together, you will travel through the streets of Athens to your idyllic and hand-selected luxury hotel.

After settling yourself in your suite, consider venturing out into your new neighborhood, acquainting yourself with the city. Wander over to the historic neighborhood of Plaka – a favorite with locals and visitors alike – where you can spend the late afternoon browsing a multitude of shops that exist within captivating neoclassical architecture. Continue to wander through the winding roads of the ‘Neighborhood of the Gods’, eventually settling in on your perfect taverna – perhaps with a view of the illuminated Acropolis.  Beginning with ouzo and ending with baklava, this is sure to be the first of many sensational Greek culinary experiences.

Day 2: Explore Antiquity and Modernity in Athens, Before Sailing to Mykonos

This morning, following breakfast at your hotel, your driver will collect you to begin a comprehensive half-day tour of Athens. Inevitably, this tour will begin with some of the city’s most prominent sites – most notable of which is the Parthenon and the Acropolis. From the perch high above the city, you will be able to look through carefully preserved pillars out onto a vibrantly diverse city. Soak in a fresh breeze as it blows through the Temple of Athena Nike and the surrounding gardens. Other highlights along the tour might include a visit to the site of the first modern Olympic games at the Panathenaic Stadium, or a walk through the Theatre of Dionysus.

As your tour concludes, you will return to your luxury car to drive to either the pier or airport. From here, you will board a ferry or plane traveling to the island of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea. Landing, you will be met by another private chauffer who will introduce you to the island as you drive to your second luxury hotel. Settle into your seaside home for what remains of the afternoon, before enjoying a quiet and romantic moonlit evening.

Day 3: Explore the Vibrancy of Cosmopolitan Mykonos   

Mykonos has a reputation for being the most exciting and glamorous of the Cyclades Islands. Over the following days, you will get to experience the energy that radiates from the island and infuses your honeymoon. Though you will be the architect of each day on the islands, what follows are some of our favorite activities.

Consider beginning your first day on the sundrenched beaches. Stroll the edge of the Aegean Sea as water laps quietly at your feet, before settling into a lounge chair for some rest and relaxation. Though the vistas and visitors are equally as intriguing, allow your eyes to drift closed for a mid-morning nap, before wandering back up shore to explore the island more carefully.

In the afternoon, you might enjoy exploring the winding alleyways that spiral through the town of Mykonos. Drift in and out of exclusive boutiques searching for the perfect memento from your first Greek island. Of course you also have the option of visiting the town of Chora, where you can find the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, which dates back to 1425. The impossibly white façade of what is in fact five adjoining churches sits in perfect contrast to the vividly blue surrounding sky and sea. As the sun begins to set, you might then return to the district of Little Venice, which comes alive with cocktails and tavernas as the stars emerge above.

Day 4: A Tour through Delos, the Birthplace of Artemis and Apollo 

Having explored Mykonos yesterday, today you may wish to set sail out to Delos, where you will find an uninhabited island brimming with archeological discoveries. Believed to be the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, the godly presence of this tiny island and UNESCO World Heritage Site is all but palpable. Artifacts here date back to the paleo-Christian area (3rd millennium BC), when the island was home to the ruling civilization of the Aegean world. Walk past the Terrace of Lions and the theater quarter, as you move towards the island’s crowning jewel: the Sanctuary of Apollo.

Returning to the island in the late afternoon, you might enjoy a brief rest by your hotel pool before returning to town in the evening, when you will surely experience the intoxicating allure of Mykonos after dark. Drift between cocktails and wine as you feast on a local mezze, before setting out to wander the pulsing streets around you.

Day 5: Travel by Sea to the Island of Paros, Arriving with Time to Laze on the Shores

This morning, you will depart Mykonos moving onwards to your next Aegean destination: Paros. Traveling by ferry or hydrofoil, you will be met on the island by a private chauffer who will transfer you to your hotel. Immediately, you will begin to notice the dramatically different culture and way of life that consumes the island. Relaxed and unwound, Paros is a small sanctuary amidst the sea. With no shortage of pristine beaches and calm waters, spend the remainder of your afternoon embracing the tranquility of this destination.

Day 6: Walk with Butterflies or Sail to Solitude  

Today, you will again have flexibility with how you design your day. For some, the continued exploration of Paros and the town of Parikia might make up the perfect day. After all, you have yet to wander through the Valley of Butterflies or through the twists and turns of Kastro. Of course others may prefer to sail across smooth waters to the tiny iridescent island of Antiparos, where watersports and historic sites await. Hiking the shoreline or moving from one exquisite beach to the next may satisfy a craving for activity – as would renting a kayak and paddling beneath rocky archways offshore. Otherwise, you might enjoy walking to the Agia Paraskevi church from which you will receive sweeping views of the sensational landscape that surrounds you.

No matter how or where you spend your day, ensure you position yourself to soak in the final rays of light as your Greek island turns a dusty shade of rose with the setting sun.  Find a private corner to share a bottle of wine, before meandering on to tonight’s taverna.

Day 7: Travel by Sea to Santorini, The Jewel of the Aegean Sea

This morning, following a seaside breakfast, you will check out and connect with a private chauffeur who will take you to the ferry or hydrofoil. No matter your mode of transport, you will travel to the exquisitely picturesque and ever-shimmering island of Santorini, where whitewashed facades and glittering blue domes will usher you in. Here, romance will be at a peak as you travel to your final Cycladic home. Lose yourself in the charm and tranquility for what remains of the afternoon, leisurely debating how you might spend the upcoming days. Seek out the perfect location for your first Santorinian sunset, before moving into an intimate restaurant with a view of the volcano.

Day 8: Drift Away into the Allure of Santorini

Santorini, for many, encapsulates and defines romance. Here, effortlessly elegant towns slope down towards the sea, where serene beaches and soothing waters await. Windmills and lighthouses look down over the city, while a volcano emerges from the ocean across the sea.

Following a poolside breakfast with a view of the Aegean, you will explore the quintessential beauty of the island entirely at your own pace. You might enjoy heading out to the uniquely black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa. Or perhaps the traditional village of Oia will draw you close with her promise of treasures and mementos. From most corners of the island, you will also be able to walk down to the shoreline, which rhythmically alternates between pebble and sand. Search for signs of volcanic activity, and allow yourself to drift back to a period dominated by gods and goddesses.

Day 9: Sail to a Volcano and Swim in Natural Hot Springs, or Relax Seaside on a Quiet Corner

For your final day in the Cyclades, you might enjoy a bit of adventure before beginning the journey home. Just off the coast of Santorini is an ancient – yet still steaming – volcano that is well worth a visit. A cruise ultimately carries you to natural oceanic hot springs, located just off the edge of the island. From there, it is but a gradual hike to the peak of the volcano where you will be rewarded with truly remarkable views of your surroundings. Of course others may prefer to explore a lesser-touched side of Santorini by renting a snorkel and fins to dip below the surface. Scuba diving is also available, giving you the opportunity to swim beside octopus, eels and dramatic volcanic topography.

For your final island evening, a special reservation at one of the island’s most renowned restaurants will likely be in order. Here, evening views, a warm breeze, and truly memorable flavors will combine to create an impossibly romantic and distinctively Greek evening. The serene surrounding will create the perfect environment in which you can enjoy your final moments together as blissful and hopelessly in love honeymooners.

Day 10: Return to Athens by Air

Leisurely indulge in one final island breakfast this morning – perhaps with a farewell pastry or an extra espresso. Leaving with a full but heavy heart, you will return to the airport with your private driver to connect with your flight back to Athens.

You will be met by another chauffer who will return you to your familiar hotel – or perhaps a new one – in Athens. This evening, consider ending your honeymoon as it all began as you return to the quarter of Plaka. Order a mezze and wine to cover all your favorite Grecian flavors, before concluding the night with a final sip of ouzo and a stroll under the stars. Take one last gaze at the illuminated Acropolis, before returning to your hotel.

Day 11: Travel Home

Enamored with both Greece and each other, this morning you will begin your journey home. Following one final Grecian breakfast, you will drive by luxury car back to Athens International Airport in time for your flight home. Of course, if your hearts crave just a little more romance, there is always the opportunity to extend the adventure just a little bit longer.