Of course, gastronomic delights will beckon from countless romantic sidewalk cafes and incomparable restaurants, so indulge in an extraordinary meal at a world-class dinner house, such as one of Chef Guy Savoy’s exquisite eateries. And don’t forget to jog by the Eiffel Tower at the Champs de Mar gardens the next morning-you may need it!


Romantic Italy seems to beckon lovers of all ages. Its magical countryside offers the perfect conditions for a romantic honeymoon. 3000 years of history, culture and cuisine have combined to create an atmosphere of fabulous food, subdued music, charming villages, winding lanes, intimate hotels, and a warm and enthusiastic reception wherever you go.


To some, a romantic honeymoon in France may seem obvious. But France and everything it represents goes far beyond a photo op in front of the Eiffel Tower. The welcoming people, the influential culture and history, the gorgeous and varied landscape, the vibrant and essential cities, and of course the cuisine, all blend into a one-of-a-kind experience that will live on in your memories well after your last au revoir.


Warm, sunny, culturally rich Spain is an absolute treasure. White sand beaches and vibrant nightlife, world-class art museums and delicious dining, striking mountains and a relaxed way of life, there’s something for everyone in this country. Watch colorful days melt into vivacious nights as you explore the crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.


A honeymoon in Greece has offered generations of newlyweds the experience of both an ancient civilization as well as a vibrant, living culture. Whether embracing on the steps of the Acropolis or the waters edge during sunset at Cape Sounion; drinking ouzo at a café or sipping a glass of Retsina while awaiting the ferry to Santorini; here is where romance is at its most sensuous.


Castles, cuisine, history and culture are just  few of the reasons to honeymoon in Germany.  Some of the most exciting cities in Europe – Munich, Hamburg, Dresden, Dusseldorf and others – as well as inviting small towns and villages offer unforgettable honeymoon experiences.


It’s not just Portugal’s rich history that makes it such a unique place to honeymoon but the friendly people, quaint charm of the cities and countryside, excellent food and great wines. Throughout the centuries, many civilizations left their mark in Portugal. From the Greeks and the Celts through the Romans and the Moors, Portugal’s rich heritage is evident in the wealth of historical monuments throughout the country.


From medieval cathedrals to rolling hills of green countryside, from prehistoric stones to the village pub, England will surprise, charm and excite newlyweds. Discover the bustling city of London, take a walk in the countryside and explore historic castles and towers. You will fall in love with it all on a romantic getaway to England.


Rolling mountains, sandy coasts, thick forests and golden plains…a honeymoon in Croatia is a trip to all kinds of paradise. You might stay in a European city surrounded by centuries-old walls and towering forts, or in a coastal resort where the Adriatic Sea is so close you can practically feel it kissing your feet.


A gem in the famed landscape of Europe, Netherlands is a great idyllic retreat swathed in revelry, natural splendour and cultural vibrancy. Showcasing a mishmash of scintillating canals, utilitarian windmills and historic sites, this beautiful country astounds travellers with its extensive coastlines, tulip gardens and an old world charm inspiringly intermingled with a contemporary outlook.


For a newlywed couple looking to spend their honeymoon in a tasteful, charming and love-filled city, the capital of Hungary, Budapest, is one of the best choices. Also the largest city of Hungary, Budapest is a reminiscent of the old Europe, especially the way it used to be in the medieval period.


Norway is a four-season destination in the most extreme sense of the word. In summer, the sun never sets. In winter the darkness reveals the rainbow swirls of the Northern Lights. In fall and spring you can get a taste of it all.  Known for its rugged coastline cut with 1,900 fjords and countless glacier-capped mountains, this Scandinavian beauty is a coastal destination like you have never seen before.


Though small in size relative to most European countries, Switzerland possesses exquisite natural scenery, picturesque villages, sophisticated cities, a rich cultural heritage and a stunning backdrop for your honeymoon whether you visit in winter, spring, summer or fall. Ideally suited for a winter honeymoon, Switzerland offers some of the world’s premiere skiing destinations.