Destination weddings in South America provide you with an endlessly interesting and diverse continent filled with thriving cultures and stunning natural surroundings. At any given point, you might expect to find meandering Amazon waters, misty and jagged peaks near Machu Picchu, or the thundering roar of the Iguacu waterfalls. And still, there are famed vineyards, dazzling surf beaches, red rock canyons, wild glacial fields, and untouched islands.


Argentina is a heady mixture of old world traditional and new world cosmopolitan. So varied are the regions, cultures and landscapes that to truly understand what Argentina has to offer it is necessary to consider each area in isolation. It has a rich history of romance, thus being on of our destination wedding venues


A Brazilian based wedding will certainly have a South American flavor all of its own. Brazil is a simply massive country. The largest in South & Central America. The beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the jungles of the Amazon are certainly attractive as wedding destinations.


Nestled between  the north bank of the Rio Plata and the Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay is an often overlooked destination wedding hotspot. Uruguay is a hidden treasure worth investigating.


Chile is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries on earth. If you want a nature-themed wedding, it is probably the perfect choice. There are camping and eco-resort options in Chilean Patagonia, but exclusive lodges are a better option for a wedding vacation.


Whether you want to shout it aloud for all to hear, or whisper tenderly in your loved one’s ear, we make it possible to express your adoration in a world-class, picture perfect setting!Peru provides one of the most magnificent backdrops for your destination adventure wedding.

Costa Rica

Gorgeous and exotic with unspoiled rainforests and beautiful beaches on both its Pacific and Caribbean shores, Costa Rica is the perfect place to hold a destination wedding.