Though the landscapes change from the bright Mediterranean beaches to the rolling vineyards and cosmopolitan cities, Europe will always exude charm, tradition, and unparalleled romance. Not much could be more romantic than a destination wedding in Europe, a continent full of history, including the location of some of the greatest love stories of all time.


As Western Europe’s largest country, destination weddings in France can be diverse and multi-faceted, with lush vineyards and cozy villages giving way to dazzling Mediterranean beaches and world-class cities. Whether you care to drink champagne in an ancient cellar in Reims or visit a chateau, the legendary romance and storied history of France never feels trite


Though Greece has seen a tumultuous political landscape in recent years, it remains one of the most popular travel spots in Europe thanks to its extensive history, beautiful coastline, and enviable Mediterranean climate. As one of the first civilizations in modern Europe, Greece is the birthplace of colorful mythology, the modern alphabet, and organized democracies


As the birthplace of fairytale writer Hans Christian Anderson, Denmark is often noted for its magnificent and dreamy landscape. Indeed, this northern European country does look like it might have been ripped straight from the pages of a fairytale, with dramatic fjords, wind-battered cliffs and moors, rolling farmland, and towering castles.


Bella vita’ means ‘the beautiful life’ in Italian. Still, there’s a sentiment in this rich phrase that is not fully captured on paper. It’s likely because the Italians don’t just say ‘bella vita’— they actually live it. This refreshing perspective is found in everything from the loving preparation of fresh pasta to the hand-marbled fountains that center the piazzas.


Find the perfect location for your dream wedding in Spain.


Fall in love with Portugal, where your dream wedding awaits