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Day 1-2: Treasured Arrival

The romance of Morocco is written in history, told in legend, and captured in movies. Picturesque shores of golden sand beaches are overlain with sapphire water. The romantic history of desert palaces and passionate sultans filters through the landscape. You can picture yourself in a black and white movie listening to the words of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

Welcome to Casablanca, a city eternally remembered in an unforgettable romance. The boulevards are lined with palm trees. The leaves catch the breeze that drifts in from the Atlantic. The water is opulent and calm along the pebbled shores at the fringe of the city. You can see the outline of Hassan II Mosque on the water’s edge. The minaret rises like a lighthouse looking out at the distance of the sea. The city is a cosmopolitan metropolis enriched by its heritage.

Art galleries provide insight into the city’s modern artistic tastes and fashion blossoms out of the windows of the designer stores. Your private transfer meets you at the airport and escorts you to your fabulous accommodation in the center of the city. Place Mohamed V sits in the heart of the city and is bordered by the post office and Palais de Justice. The facades are decorated in neo-Moorish design.

The central fountain spouts water into the air and is carried by the breeze. It adds a refreshing mist to the surrounding manicured gardens. Stroll along the plaza and indulge in the soft greenery. It feels like a hidden treasure at the city center. The Corniche is located on the city’s edge, brushing up against the lapping Atlantic Ocean. Luxury hotels shape the skyline and restaurants provide tempting aromas that combine traditional flavors with international cuisine. Casablanca is fast paced and elegant, filled with contemporary life informed by its deep heritage. There is no shortage of history to see and no shortage of memories to create with the one you love.

Day 3: The Artistry of the Past

Wake up to the sounds of the ocean on the nearby shores of the city. The golden-pebbled coastline shimmers like an open treasure chest. The sapphire water calmly laps against the Corniche wall. The spirited city returns to life and you make your way to the sensual flavors of breakfast. The sweet and the savory fill the table. Crumbly cheeses are accompanied by thick, sweet honey. Dates and figs give a natural lusciousness to the meal. Orange blossom spices the air with a touch of zest. After your meal your guide will meet you at the hotel for your private tour of Casablanca.

Hassan II Mosque was completed in 1993 and resulted in one of the most stunning mosques in the entire world. The majority of the material that constructed the mosque was found inside of Morocco. The call to prayer echoes out of the minaret, which stands 689 feet in the air. It is the tallest structure in the country and the world’s tallest minaret. In the evening’s darkness you can see light pointing in the way of Mecca. The Moorish influence of the mosque is apparent, inspired by the likes of Spanish Alhambra.

Horseshoe arches are prevalent and the walls and columns are intricately carved with detailed geometric patterns. The woman’s gallery is decorated with lavish dark wood. Chandeliers light the main prayer hall and dangle from a network of small domes. The light reflects in the polished floor. The cool interior comes from the marble walls and columns that support the numerous domes. The graceful décor is romantic in its creation, design, and dedication. The longer you explore the mosque the more beautiful detail you discover in every niche and arch. The private moments hidden in the marvels of Morocco are yours to treasure.

Day 4: The Sounds of the City

The Central Market fills with people in the early morning. You find charm in the carts pulled by donkeys and mules. They alleyways are lined with vibrant fruit and vegetable stalls. Radishes are a fuchsia hue that you’ve never seen before. Pomegranates grow larger than softballs. Merchants are jovial and call out to passersby. The locals shop for their morning bread and daily goods. After breakfast your private transfer will meet you at your hotel. Your flight to Marrakech is short and easy. You arrive in the city with the inextricable feeling that you’ve been there before. Everything looks brand new but oddly familiar. The aromas of powdered sugar and almonds sift through the streets.

Your private transfer, arranged by your Morocco luxury tour operator takes you to the hotel situated in the enthusiastic heart of the city. You realize the connection you have with Marrakech is a city in your dreams, one you have imagined countless times, as you discover the hidden niches of the Medina with your partner. The city is lush with private palaces and mansions. You immediately fall in love with the charm and features that stem from the cultural roots of an enthusiastic heritage. The Old City is known for its narrow alleyways and shifting kaleidoscope of colors. Music spills out of hidden plazas and the decadent aromas of fresh cuisine drifts across painted doorways.

Day 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

The rhythm of the city wakes up in the morning. The light washes over the city streets and filters into to the Medina. The courtyard of your mansion turned luxury hotel is animated and comfortable. Regal fountains flow and spritz into the air. Breakfast is served in the shaded yard where blossoming flowers encompass the walls. There are few things more romantic than indulging in a delightful breakfast outdoors with the one you love. Your guide meets you at the hotel and you are ready to venture out into the alluring streets of Marrakech. Bahia Palace was constructed in the 19th century and was home to the Grand Vizier Bou Ahmed.

The gardens encompass over two acres of land with around 150 rooms. The edifice was meant to encapsulate the wonder of Moroccan and Islamic décor. Stroll through the quarters to find woven silk panels decorating the room of Lalla Zineb. Stained glass windows shine decadent light onto the floor. Paintings depicting rose bouquets adorn the ceiling. The grandeur of the palace enlightens and enchants, filled with intricate wrought-iron features and dazzling zellige tiles, a staple characteristic of Moroccan architecture. Traveling through Marrakech is more than an exploration of a city, but is also a discovery of Moroccan heritage and a distinctive, passionate connection.

Day 6: Delectable Morning Leisure

Enjoy the morning at your leisure, discovering the depths of the city at your own pace. The atmospheric streets are endless, always brimming with music and shops seemingly at all hours of the day and night. After breakfast venture over to the verdant tropical gardens known as Majorelle Gardens. The 12-acre botanical grounds are also an artist’s landscape. The villa is electric-blue. Its gardens are open to the public and provide a picturesque desert mirage that spans five continents. The villa looks like a psychedelic sky in the background.

There are over 600 artifacts in the studio house’s Berber Art Museum. Leather and metal work, carpets and textiles create a unique collection of tradition. Chiseled enameled jewels are positioned in an octagonal mirrored room painted midnight black. The combination of gemstones and mirrors reflect off of one another in an eternal shimmering starry sky. Savor the romance beneath the created light before making your way to Agadir by private transfer. The city sits on the coast, bordered by sapphire shores on one side and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains on the other.

Day 7: Searching for Charms

Agadir is a city situated on the seaside and filled with inherent charm. The water is warm and iridescent blue. Golden sand carpets the beaches. Sunlight glitters on the water and boats are painted in vibrant colors across the bow. The enormous walls of the Kasbah provide a pink hue against the sky’s and the water’s blue color. The 16th century fortress has historic walls and once housed the majority of the city’s population. An inscription in both Dutch and Arabic stands over the entry arch. The ramparts rise over the edge of a citadel and look over the modern city.

The city center is more contemporary than other Moroccan cities. It was rebuilt in the 1960s after an earthquake and maintains a contemporary and fashionable atmosphere. The marina is a decorated with whitewashed buildings that imitate the grandeur of the Kasbah. Yachts and fishing boats weigh anchor side by side. The aromas of the cityscape offer sensual delights and private, candlelit restaurants filled with fresh seafood. You can dine outdoors and listen to the lapping waves of the Atlantic near your feet.

Day 8: Luxuriant Sunshine

The sound of the current is blissful in the morning. Seagulls glide through the sky and nest on the distant ramparts of the Kasbah. The city streets become active and the aromas of the seaside blend with the sweeping sweetness of fresh fruits. The day is at your leisure to indulge in the countryside as you desire. Relax on the beachside at Palm Beach to feel the soft and warm ocean wrap around your skin. Visit the Musee du Patrimoine Amazigh to see a collection of Berber jewelry and regional culture. For an immersion in tradition and heritage you can venture to Tiznit for the day. The city sits at the edge of the Anti Atlas inside an old walled Medina.

The encompassing ramparts were constructed in the 19th century and provided enough protection to create a provincial trade center for Berber jewelry. The walls are almost three mils long embellished with around 30 towers and nine gates. The view from the top provides a panorama of the city and golden landscape beyond. Once in the souq you find locals dressed in traditional clothing. Blue doors decorate shop entrances and windows glisten with silver jewelry displays. Some of the jewelry is designed and made in town. Other pieces of jewelry are brought to the city by Saharan tribes. The narrow alleys provide great window-shopping for cultural wares along with shade from the desert sun.

Day 9: Prized Return

Fishing boats venture out to the horizon at sunrise. Their colorful paint can be seen from shore bobbing in the calm Atlantic. The city center livens and the sunlight sweeps across the desert until reaching the edges of the sea. Breakfast is filled with the familiar sensual flavors of fresh fruits and divine honey. The sea breeze accentuates the flavors with a salty and sweet aroma. Your private transfer will meet you at the hotel and escort you to the airport. The sea continues to lap at the golden sands. The mountains almost reach the shore. You have explored the jewels of Morocco and found treasures hidden in old cities and sparkling in the water. The secluded marvels of the culture and secret gems have provided you a unique experience with your partner. You make your way home taking a number of treasures, both tangible and intangible, with yo