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From the wilderness of Botswana, through the beautiful islands of Kenya, over the unforgiving mountains of Lesotho, to the partying beaches in South Africa. Africa promises you an array of vacation spots, rich with cultural beauty and diverse views. We have eliminated the difficult process of selecting destinations, and prepared a mind blowing experience for you. All you need do, is decide to venture out on the mother continent, and we will ensure you have the experience of a life time…


Europe promises an array of architectural marvels, religious cities and natural wonders, with the blessings of a beautiful weather. Travel through Europe and come back, replenished in mental and physical beauty. We create unique Europe itineraries by selecting the best places to see in Europe and connecting them by the best train routes. Enjoy the European vacation for the best prices available.

The Americas.

From misty rain forests to ancient archeological sites, this versatile region boasts a wide array of destinations that appeal to travelers. Let us, with the most exciting itinerary, take you through the action, giving you the best experience of this beautiful continent and leaving your minds with enough memories to last a lifetime


From awesome cities to remote islands, Asia is a continent filled with adventure, ancient history and culture. Let us guide your visit through this beautiful continent by combining the highlights, with the serene spots, in a travel itinerary that will leave you in bliss.

Caribbean .

The choice destination for romantics and nature lovers everywhere, the Caribbean easily surpasses even the imagination. Visit this beautiful region, filled with culture, luxury and gifted with a divine landscape. Let us plan your vacation to the Caribbean, and by guiding you through some of the best beaches and parties.

Middle East.

Beautiful mountain ranges, untouched beauty, warm waters and some of the oldest history in the world makes the Middle East a perfect place to visit.

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